Kitulgala Rafting

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Kithulgala is the main white water rafting destination in Sri Lanka. Rafting along the Kelani River is a thrilling activity, which can be enjoyed by all levels of competency. The upper section of the river has 5 major rapids, which are more suitable for experienced rafters, while 4 minor rapids (Grade 3) are located in the lower section of the river, which are ideal for beginners and intermediate rafters.

White water rafting on the Kelani River is suitable for anyone who is 10+ years old, and comes with safety gear, life jackets, modern rafts and a comprehensive briefing by experienced rafting instructors prior to each session.

Enjoy stunning views as you glide by the calm stretches, and take in the breathtaking natural landscapes of forested hills. Watch out for the famous bridge location of the 1957 Academy Award winning movie ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’, which is an excellent place to jump in for a swim.



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