Knuckles Hiking

One day


Knuckles mountain range is One of the most beautiful rain forests in Sri Lanka and in the year 2010, it has been declared by UNESCO As a world heritage site. After the breakfast when your drive by car for about two hours, you come across the "Knuckles range" Then we start treading across mountain through pygmy forest and tea plantations and for the first time you come across remains of Volcanoes which were active about 1200 years ago. thereafter, until your reach the end of the  trip, the trekking, Hill working, looking for a bird's and animal will be under the forest Canopy.

On your way you can see varieties of birds endemic to Knuckles, medicinal herbs beautiful waterfalls etc. when your trekking through the rain forest you can see wild boars, mongoose, wildcats and sambur deer etc. and some time Can see glimpse of leopards. there are large number of foot paths in Knuckles mountain range, prepared by  British men when Sri Lanka was under their siege, you will be pleased to undertake walking tours along those foot paths arranged by our Company for your Pleasure.

Stat and Ending Location  -  Kandy

Start time  -  After breakfast at 7.30 am

Returning time  -  at 5.00 pm

Walking distance  -  14 KM  Some time increase or Reduce for Clients request.



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