Adam's Peak Festival


Located in Sri Lanka’s central region, Adam's Peak mountain is one of Sri Lanka’s most sacred sites, due to the large footprint found at the peak. Different religious legends attach this footprint to Adam, Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva and St. Thomas. Devotees of all faiths eagerly make the 7km pilgrimage to the top of Adam’s Peak, climbing over 5000 steps to reach this holy destination during the annual pilgrimage season. This season lasts from December until May, with the peak season being January/February. During this time, pilgrim numbers reach almost 20,000 on weekends. Peak season is when the paths are lit by lamp and electricity at the crack of dawn, as the pilgrims’ goal is to reach the peak before sunrise and then begin their religious rites. During off-peak months, the paths are not lit and the weather is rainy, with the peak being obscured by clouds. The ascent itself includes panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, waterfalls and tea plantations.